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郑 维 | 神灭论

2019.05.09 - 06.11


Zheng Wei

Curator | Feng Xi

Opening2019.05.11 / 15:00  

Duration2019.05.11 – 2019.06.11



Beijing Art Now Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Zheng Weis solo exhibition Faith No More at 3 pm on May 11, 2019. The solo exhibition is a combination of Zheng Wei's new works in 2019 and space works. It has witnessed the cooperation of Curator Feng Xi and Artist Zheng Wei, presented in a way fitting into the features of the Gallery and designed with the logic of light and movement. 


The Disappearance of God is written by Mr. Fan Zhen, a well-known thinker during the North and South Dynasty (A.D. 420-589) of China. The book holds the view that material comes first, which refutes the prevailing Buddhist theory that "God is immortal" at that time, and how religion could influence the nature of human beings, politics and power. The book systematically expounds the view point of atheism in the form of questions and answers, pointing out thatman's spirit and form (body) are an integrated unity. It says, The spirit is body, and the body is spirit. When the body exists, the spirit exists. When the body disappears, the spirit disappears. It reinterprets the relationship between human body and spirit, and uses the relationship between the blade of a knife and its sharpness as a vivid metaphor, saying: "The body is the quality of spirit, and the spirit is the usage of the body. The relationship between the spirit and material is like the blade and sharpness, and the relationship between the body and the usage is like sharpness and blade. I have never heard of a situation where the blade disappears and the sharpness still exists, neither have I heard of asituation where the body disappears and the spirit still exists. At that time, the public was deeply shocked by the publication of TheDisappearance of God. It marked the beginning of a fierce debate between the disappearance of God and the immortality of God during Liang and Qi periods ofthe North and South Dynasty.


The exhibition will last until 11 June.